This installation was inspired by Swarovski’s “Naughty or Nice” Christmas campaign. The purpose was to capture the essence of the 30s, so we decided to create a fair that had a retro and magical air: a space that was familiar, interactive and that captured the elegance and brightness characteristic of the brand.

To achieve this, we transformed the space by placing a ceiling of lights that completely changed the atmosphere of the square. We hung golden stars to give that magic effect to the place. We repaired, customized, and crystallized an ancient carousel, which became the children’s favorite place.

We adorn the majestic tree with thousands of Swarovski crystals and put a fantastic base to enhance it even more. We also created an interactive jukebox that indicated if you had been “Naughty or Nice,” alluding to one of the various aspects of the Christmas tradition that made the experience in this space so special.

Photo credit: Orlando Montoya