Hèrmes Panamá, 2018

In these showcases we wanted to represent the connection between our subconscious and our dreams. The challenge of this design was to portray ambiguous and intangible concepts, such as the surreal, magical and fantastic characteristics of what haunts our minds.

Highlighting the beauty of that subconscious became our goal, incorporating Hermès products as elements left behind and consumed by a flourishing environment, a living nature. By creating this story where product and space merge in visual harmony, we allow viewers to see the beauty that surrounds the unknown.

Enhancing that attraction that is as strange as hallucinatory, we begin with the mysterious door that leads us to an enchanted garden, representative of the subconscious. A place where our wishes, experiences and memories come together to make dreams. We see how the dream is forming, growing and encompassing the entire environment, leaving only small traces of what lived before.